Scoring Governor Sanwo-Olu’s Second Term Performance in June 2024

On this Democracy Day, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s second-term performance under the THEMES agenda presents a comprehensive view of the progress and challenges across critical sectors in Lagos State. The administration has made significant strides in improving infrastructure and public services. Efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure have garnered support, with a notable proportion of respondents indicating they would recommend Lagos’ transportation services to others. However, public transportation quality remains a concern, indicating room for improvement.

In healthcare, the administration has observed improvements, although challenges persist. There is ongoing public skepticism about the progress of healthcare services, with a significant portion of respondents unsure about the effectiveness of healthcare improvements. Similarly, environmental initiatives, including pollution control measures, received varied feedback, highlighting the need for continued attention to environmental sustainability.

In education and technology, efforts to integrate technology into classrooms and offer new programs have seen moderate success. However, there remains uncertainty among respondents about the availability and effectiveness of these programs. Governor Sanwo-Olu’s administration also faces challenges in youth development and economic programs, with mixed perceptions and high levels of uncertainty about the effectiveness of government initiatives. Overall, while progress has been made under the THEMES agenda, there is a clear mandate for continued improvement and targeted interventions to meet the diverse needs and expectations of Lagos residents.

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