CLAIM means Citizens-led Accountability & Inclusive Mechanism (CLAIM) for Social Protection

In 2020, Lagos State faced the reality of the absence of a social protection policy that should provide a safety net for its teeming poor population when it locked down following a COVID shelter in place directive. At the time, Lagos experienced a fast decline into poverty, crime, hunger and anarchy, as its 40% poor population saw their options for survival decrease. This situation led to a speedy adoption of a new Lagos State Social Protection Policy (LASSPP) in 2020, presented the State a new opportunity to begin a sincere and collaborative effort to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting efficient labour markets, diminishing people’s exposure to risks, and enhancing their capacity to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, exclusion, sickness, disability, and old age.

However, this opportunity could be lost without the availability of an energetic citizens’ engagement ensure that the policy is implemented so as to reach the desired impact. This is the reason why this programme is being designed to establish a proper accountability mechanism for an enhanced social protection in Lagos State. The CLAIM for Social Protection Project is being designed by LACSOP following a decade long engagement with the Lagos State SPP Technical Working Group and will be delivered in partnership with a cross section of civil society organisations, Community bases organisations (CBOs) and beneficiaries (including the most vulnerable – persons with disability, women and children). The project will include massive awareness programmes, data utilisation, engagements with citizens groups and various levels of government including the local governments and the legislative bodies. It adopts an inclusive approach that will place gender and social inclusion at the centre of the intervention.

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