LACSOP at the National Social Protection CSOs partners Forum(NSPF)

LACSOP participants at the NSPF meeting.

LACSOP was at the National Social Protection CSOs Partners Forum(NSPF) first planning meeting facilitated by Save the Children, Nigeria in Abuja between August 06-07, 2020. In keeping with the overall objective of strengthening Social Protection (SP) systems in Nigeria, with particular reference to the achievement of output 5- increased political will, public awareness and accountability for SP at the state and federal level,the forum aims to raise awareness among the general populace on social protection and enhance knowledge of relevant decision makers at state and federal levels on the role of social protection in human capital development focusing on the following priority areas:
– Inclusion
– Accountability: Monitoring , Community Engagement/ Citizen’s Participation
– Advocacy & Awareness
– Legal Framework
– Research
– Financing

CSO partners at the NSPF meeting

The Forum was established to provide a cohesive platform for the effective participation of CSOs in Nigeria’s social protection agenda with the main goal for CSOs to contribute to the prevention and reduction of poverty and promote a life of dignity among Nigerians through collective and individual actions geared towards strengthening inclusive social protection systems and institutions in Nigeria.

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