Ebola virus disease: The Big challenge of migration tracking

At the outbreak of EVD, the biggest challenge has always been emphasized. This of course was the ability and capability of the; foremost, the initially affected countries in West Africa, and, of course, the global community at large, to tackle and track human movements especially from infected environments to elsewhere – anywhere in the world.

While countries like Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc have continue to struggle to deal with this scourge, countries like Nigeria, Senegal has tried to contain, perhaps, possibly eliminate the Ebola scourge.

The speed at which Nigeria is responding to the challenge of Ebola viral disease and the near efficient way it has managed the challenge of this disease is highly commendable. Part of the fall outs is that Nigeria experience and responses has become the global template to adopt in tackling this challenge. This much was attested to and applauded, by Western countries and United Nations at the recent UN summits.

However, the work is not done. Not at all. The death of Thomas Eric Duncan in America, a Liberia that exported EVD to United States. Just like The late Mr. Sawyer, the Liberian that first exported the disease to Nigeria. But then, while that singular experience jolted Nigerians up from near apathetic state to realities, we knew we have got a time bomb in our hands. Big time! Yes. Nigeria and its government and people moved in the right direction through rigorous and painstaking tracking of people in contact with index cases. It is mostly, through this effort that most of the challenges faced are tackled in spite of the challenge of securing experimental drugs like ZMapp, etc. However, every point of entries became places of interest in gauging people’s temperature. This may yet be inadequate though.

Now, the global community as attested to Nigeria near success story can borrow a leave and take up the approach of rigorous and energy sapping tracking of human movement and bringing these people to observation and treatment if need be. Most especially until vaccine that can treat and eliminate this Ebola viral disease is fully developed. It’s no longer a West African or African challenge. This disease threatens the whole of humanity. We all must act. Now!!… And GOD help us we don’t have yet another challenge of Marburg!!….


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