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LACSOP offer workshops regularly for professional improvement and continuing education of members as NGO practitioners. These courses/workshops are coordinated by the Project Coordination Committee/Knowledge Management Committee. 

LACSOP holds Conference every year and an international conference every two or three years between the last week in November and December. Conference Themes are chosen based on contemporary issues and a communiqué issued at the end of proceedings. 


LACSOP provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and update their knowledge on contemporary and future developments of members/organizations on best practices. 

Code of Ethics

LACSOP has established a Code of Ethics to control the conduct of her members. Disciplinary actions are instituted under this code. 


Member organizations are encouraged to submit information on their upcoming activities for posting in the LACSOP’s newsletter. Conference Proceedings of LACSOP will be made available to members and archived Materials of researched documents will be made available on request. 

Supports Organization Achieve Their Objectives

LACSOP assists organizations by providing supportive services and access to information and resources that enable them to achieve their missions in relation to creating a better society economically, socially, environmentally, politically and morally through CSOs/NGOs’ relationship building with and to be recognized by the public, donors, beneficiaries, and would be partners. 

Advisory services

LACSOP provides guidance to members on a wide range of matters relevant to their involvements with and development in the profession or as CSO practitioners. 

Competitions/Awards and Prizes

LACSOP sponsors and encourages competitions at all levels by instituting The Make a Change of the Year Awards categories as Peace & Security, Environment, Human Rights, Family & Peace, Inter-religious Cooperation, Humanitarian, and Education, Media and the Arts.

Networking Events

Executive Secretary’s Quarterly hang-out Board Chair biannual Team-up with members
Quarterly Community Dialogues Organized Private Sector and non-profit sector Quarterly meet up
Biannual Donor fairs – non-profits and donors meet up